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HVAC Pigeon Removal and Exclusion

We Exclude Pigeons From HVAC Areas

Pigeons and Pest Birds Around HVAC Units Pose a Serious Health Threats

Some of the most serious problems caused by pigeons and other pest birds are the health issues they present. Pigeons and other pest birds have been known to carry as many as 60 transmittable diseases and they often play host to 40 or more parasites. Needless to say, these birds can be the cause of major health issues wherever they go.

Pest birds and pigeons like to nest under and around HVAC units because of the shelter, and sometimes water due to condensation, they provide. Most of the diseases and parasites they carry are transmitted Large flock of pigeons on roof topthrough their fecal matter, their poop. Pigeons poop around 50 times everyday, and even build their nests primarily out of their poop. When their poop dries and crumbles, small particles become airborne. These particles can get sucked into HVAC units an be dispersed throughout your home or commercial building.

The most concerning of the diseases spread by pigeons and pest birds are Histoplasmosis, Candidiasis, Cryptococcosis, St. Louis. Encephalitis, Salmonellosis, E.Coli, and West Nile Virus (transmitted through mosquito bites). These diseases are dangerous, often resulting in hospitalization,and are sometimes even fatal. Some of the parasites carried by pigeons and pest birds include bed bugs, chicken mites, and yellow meal worms. These parasites can play host to numerous other diseases than can spread to humans.

Pest Bird and Pigeon Droppings, Feathers, and Nests Damage Equipment and Create Unsafe Work Environments

Pigeon and other pest bird droppings, feathers, and nests reduce the efficiency of and cause damage to HVAC units by obstructing the heat exchangers or posing a fire hazard. Unsafe work environments are created by birds when they pose threats to HVAC service technicians. Bird droppings can result in slip and fall hazards, health hazards, or even prevent the tech from servicing the unit at all.

Proper bird exclusion is key to ensuring a safe work environment for HVAC service technicians. Improperly installed bird and pigeon exclusion products or materials can result in damage to those products or materials when the HVAC unit needs to be serviced. The products or materials may fail due to improper installation or simply the use of incorrect products or materials. This would allow pest birds and pigeons access to the HVAC unit once again and probably result in further damage to the HVAC unit.

It is critical, when installing pigeon and bird exclusion products or materials, to ensure easy access for HVAC techs but not birds. This is not always an easy task, and is exactly why you should trust only the best pigeon and bird exclusion professionals, Southwest Avian Solutions, to properly protect your HVAC units.

HVAC pigeon and pest bird removal and exclusion services are covered by our exclusive 5 year Bird Free Guarantee.