Welcome To Southwest Avian Solutions

Southwest Avian Solutions is a family owned company that takes pride in providing long lasting bird deterrent and pigeon removal services at a reasonable price. We back up our bird control work with our exclusive 3 - 5 year Bird Free Guarantee that we have firmly stood behind since 1997.

Our employees all take a real pride in their workmanship when installing your custom designed, discreet pigeon bird control deterrents and the products that will prevent pest birds from making a filthy, unhealthy mess all over your home or business for many years to come.

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  • Pigeons making a mess

    The Problem with Pest Birdsand Pigeons in Arizona

    Did you know that Phoenix pigeons clog roof drains with their feces and nests, a pigeon will poop 47 - 51 times a day, that bird droppings will eat into the finish of your car or that pigeon feces could...

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  • Arizona Pigeon & Bird Control Company,Not a Bug Control Company

    Southwest Avian Solutions has specialized in just one thing since 1997 - Developing and installing effective bird and pigeon deterrents and long lasting custom designed pigeon control and bird control solutions for all sorts of residential or commercial buildings and...

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  • Pigeon Control & Bird Control GuaranteedTo Ruffle Feathers in Arizona

    We find that the most effective and long lasting methods of control involve structural modifications which will either physically excludes the birds or pigeons from their preferred roosting or nesting surface or making it difficult for the birds…

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Our Services

Since 1998 we have serviced thousands of homes and businesses along with many different and unusual types of structures in Arizona and the Southwest. These structures include industrial buildings, freeway underpasses, gas station canopies, cooling towers, billboards, parking garages, casinos, libraries, multi-story buildings, warehouses, hangars, hospitals, apartments and many other structures where pest birds had become a slip and fall hazard, liability problem, or a health hazard.

Our Services

Our many residential pigeon control and pest bird control services are offered in many cities throughout the Phoenix Metro area so please check your city listing to find the different pigeon control or bird control services that are offered in your city. Commercial pigeon control services are offered in Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, and Utah.

I'm very glad I contacted your company and I will highly recommend Southwest Avian Solutions. I appreciate your crew, their attitude and their skills.

Just a note of Thanks for the thorough and professional job Steve did on our home today and Jeff did with his estimate and explaining it to us yesterday.

Since you cleaned off my roof, closed off the overhangs of my house and installed the pigeon control shock track on our roof peaks we have been pigeon free.

It's very comforting to know you are there for us, I so appreciate your help today with our bird problems.

We are happy to offer our Thanks and Appreciation for a job well done in controlling our pigeon problems at the industrial park

Kari L

I hated the flying rats that were living on my roof top, they were dirty and the messy droppings were running down my roof on to my walkway where we had to walk into the house. My bug man knew...

Mendo G

Thought we had a chirpy birdy and a woodpecker under our roof, up in the chimney! Quick service, thorough roof check and all clear given! Were we sold un-needed screens? NO, just yell up into the chimney! Fast service, professional...

Karen S.

They did a great job from the estimate to the finish. Since the work has been completed, we haven't had any pigeon problems. They installed mesh screening to match the house, and you can only see it if you are...

Our Bird-Free Guarantee

Southwest Avian Solutions Bird Free Guarantee

Southwest Avian Solutions, LLC guarantees all workmanship and installations for 3 - 5 years depending on the project, and the majority of the pigeon control and bird deterrent products and materials that we use to bird proof your home or business can carry up to a 5 year warranty.

We guarantee against pest birds re-entering any locations that Southwest Avian Solutions, LLC has installed products on or closed off. We can not guarantee that birds will not move to other unprotected locations, now or in the future, on your home, business, or structure that Southwest Avian Solutions, LLC did not protect.

We Have the Experience and Proven Results

Since 1997, our certified bird control installers, many with 5 - 15+ years of experience, have been providing humane, discreet, and guaranteed pigeon deterrent and bird deterrent solutions to homes, businesses, industrial buildings, and state and government buildings throughout Arizona with over 7000 projects completed by our Bird Barrier and Bird-B-Gone certified installers.

All of our installers are OSHA 10 or OSHA 30 certified and have been trained in roof top fall protection and tie off methods to help keep them safe while working on your home or business.

Serving Arizona and the Southwest from our home base in Glendale, Arizona, Southwest Avian Solutions is a local family owned pigeon and bird control service specialty company.