by Anonymous on Pigeon Control Phoenix AZ

I'm very glad I contacted your company and I will highly recommend Southwest Avian Solutions. I appreciate your crew, their attitude and their skills.

by Anonymous on Pigeon Control Phoenix AZ

Just a note of Thanks for the thorough and professional job Steve did on our home today and Jeff did with his estimate and explaining it to us yesterday.

by Anonymous on Pigeon Control Phoenix AZ

Since you cleaned off my roof, closed off the overhangs of my house and installed the pigeon control shock track on our roof peaks we have been pigeon free.

by Anonymous on Pigeon Control Phoenix AZ

It's very comforting to know you are there for us, I so appreciate your help today with our bird problems.

by Anonymous on Pigeon Control Phoenix AZ

We are happy to offer our Thanks and Appreciation for a job well done in controlling our pigeon problems at the industrial park

by Kari L on Pigeon Control Phoenix AZ

I hated the flying rats that were living on my roof top, they were dirty and the messy droppings were running down my roof on to my walkway where we had to walk into the house.

My bug man knew of a great company and suggested I call Southwest Avian Solutions, which I did.

They lady I spoke with was very friendly and knowledgeable so we scheduled my free estimate for the next day.

The Southwest Avian Solutions service man that came out for my free estimate was on time and was also very friendly and knowledgeable.

He got on the roof to look at my pigeon problems and after about 15 min came down and explained where the pigeons were nesting was under the ac units and under the roof overhangs.

He wrote out the estimate for me and the price was very reasonable so I scheduled the work to be done on my roof the following week.

Arizona Wings-N-Stings did a great job cleaning my roof of the pigeon poop and the areas he closed off no longer have pigeons.

I would recommend Southwest Avian Solutions to anyone looking for a company that is friendly, reliable and from what i have experienced got rid of my pigeons.

by Mendo G on Pigeon Control Phoenix AZ

Thought we had a chirpy birdy and a woodpecker under our roof, up in the chimney! Quick service, thorough roof check and all clear given! Were we sold un-needed screens? NO, just yell up into the chimney! Fast service, professional service!! Great company!

by Karen S. on Pigeon Control Phoenix AZ
Peoria San Tan Valley

They did a great job from the estimate to the finish. Since the work has been completed, we haven't had any pigeon problems. They installed mesh screening to match the house, and you can only see it if you are really looking for it and it keeps the pigeons from nesting, but doesn't harm them in any way.