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Guaranteed Pigeon Control and Bird Control Products

Our Pigeon Removal and Bird Control Deterrents

Pigeon Control Spike

Bird control spike is best used as a ledge deterrent. Stainless steel bird spike holds up to the Arizona heat better than the cheap plastic spike. Bird spike is a good deterrent for pigeons and larger birds but not small birds. When using bird spike be aware that sparrows may nest in the spike.

Best used for ledges against pigeons and larger birds.



Bird Control Netting

Bird control and pigeon control netting is used for total bird exclusion by creating an envelope birds can’t get into. Bird net needs to be supported by a cable or some sort of perimeter support system. The type or size of bird to be excluded will determine the netting needed. Pigeon net is 2″ squares, starling net is 1 1/8″, and sparrow net is 3/4″. Netting comes in black or tan. Black is the preferred color since it holds up better in the Arizona sun and heat. Tan net can be used under canopies or out of the sun.

All birds can be controlled using bird netting if installed correctly.


Bird Control Screening

Galvanized screening can be used to securely close off roof line overhangs, tops of pillars, and many other places for long term control. We use this same material for closing off under or around solar panels using special solar panel panel clips and attachments we custom build to hold the screen in place. We can paint to blend the screen to your home or building to make it as aesthetically pleasing as possible. We also screw down all our screen unlike some companies that just staple the screen to the fascia board.

Used for most birds in small to medium sized places and around solar panels depending on the area.


Solar Panel Pigeon Screening

Our solar panel pigeon deterrent screening system is designed to prevent pest birds from accessing the area beneath solar arrays. Pest birds like pigeons will nest under the solar array, create a huge mess, and cause damage, costly repairs, and clean-up. Protect your solar panels, wiring systems, and roof with our solar panel pigeon deterrent screening. We use galvanized material to close off around solar panels using special solar panel clips and attachments we custom build to hold the screen in place.

Effective for excluding most birds and pigeons under or around solar panels.


Pigeon Control Shock Track Systems

Think of a dog or cattle shock fence but for birds. A shock track system provides a very effective very low profile solution to birds, such as pigeons. When their feet make contact with the 2 stainless steel braided wires a mild shock is applied, scaring the birds away. Power is supplied to the shock track by a plug-in charger or a solar powered charger.

Good for low profile solutions on ledges, parapet walls, and other landing places.



Pigeon Post & Wire or Pin & Wire Systems

Stainless steel posts are spaced no more than 5 feet apart with a thin braided stainless steel wire run between the posts which creates an unstable area for pigeons to stand on. Multiple rows are occasionally needed depending on width of ledge. A single row can be used when running along a cable or pipe.

Effective against pigeons but smaller birds can easily stand on the wire



Daddi Long Legs or Bird Spider

The arms wave gently in the breeze and as pigeons try to land they hit the waving arms and fly away. This product works well on light poles, AC units, and chimney caps. However, the heat from a fire rising through the chimney could melt the base of the Daddi Long Legs.

Best for pigeons and other larger birds.



Bird Deterrent Coils

Bird deterrent coil looks like a big slinky when stretched out. Bird coils create an unstable landing surface that most bigger birds, such as pigeons, don’t like causing them to avoid parapet walls where these are installed. Bird coil provides a very low visibility solution to parapets and other types of ledges.

Good for ledges and parapet walls against pigeons



Woodpecker Intimidator

Woodpeckers hate movement and bright flashes of light. The Intimidator provides both and is extremely effective in deterring woodpeckers. A slight breeze of only 2 mph will cause the Intimidator to spin quickly, throwing splashes of light across the protected wall, effectively scaring away any woodpeckers that were eyeing your home or business.

Useful if mounted in well sunlit areas where woodpeckers are pecking or drumming.



Eagle Eyes Bird Reflectors

Let the sun help scare away your birds. The Eagle Eye is an optical bird scare device that harmlessly deters birds from unwanted areas by making use of beams of light reflected from direct sunlight or artificial light. The light reflected back by the Eagle Eye disorients birds in flight by limiting their vision significantly causing them to leave the area.

Effective for all types of birds depending on the color of the Eagle Eye.



Flock Reflectors

Use the Flock Reflectors on parapet walls and other places where the sun reflects back at the birds. This disorients the birds, much like the Eagle eye and causes the birds to fly to different locations. Flock Reflectors should be use in conjunction with other deterrent products or hazing systems.

Used for pigeons and sometime other birds depending on placement location.



OvoControl P- Pigeon Birth Control Pellets

OvoControl P is a ready to use bait that controls the reproduction of treated birds, causing the population to decline. Ovocontrol interferes with egg hatchability meaning no new baby pigeons hatch at that location. Since no new birds are hatching, the population declines over time. This is an extremely humane method of reducing the pigeon poulation. We typically see as much as an 80% reduction in flock size over 24 months. OvoControl is used with an auto feeder at the rate of 1 lb per 80 birds per day. If the pigeons stop eating the pellets they become fertile again.

Effective only for pigeons.


Pigeon Control Chemical Hazing Systems

This repellent system works by inhalation of the haze which irritates the respiratory system and soft tissue membranes of pigeons, without any risk to the birds’ or your health. M.A. (Methyl Antranilate) is a grape extract that, when turned into a mist, even in small doses repels most larger birds like pigeons, but is not as effective on small birds. Use in hangars, food courts, shopping malls, product processing plants, and other open air places to reduce the current population. It does, however, leave a slight grape scent in the air.

Repels pigeons when they fly into areas with MA in the air.


Pigeon Control Slide or Bird Control Slope

Made of UV stabilized polycarbonate materials or long lasting aluminum custom cut for your ledges. Bird slide or bird slope completely protects the ledge against all birds species. Birds simply can’t get a grip on the 45 degree angle and slide off. There are also extensions that can be added to protect wider ledges like in parking structures. When the product is reversed and placed along the wall and ceiling they provide a very good barrier to stop swallows from from nesting. Swallows need a close to 90 degree angle in order to build their nests.

Protects against all bird species including swallows.


Pigeon Live Trapping

Trapping is a humane and very reliable way of reducing the current resident population of pigeons from most sites. Trapping is an option as long as there is a flat or slightly pitched roof available. Most often, trapping will reduce a very large flock of pigeons to just a few in a number of months. Pigeon trapping is a good way to reduce the size of a flock of resident birds when they are attached to or have been nesting on a building for a long time. Some times even after non-lethal deterrents have been installed pigeons will not leave.

Pigeons are flocking birds and traps provide a humane, effective method of population reduction.


Sparrow Live Trapping

Sparrows are tough little birds to trap, which is why there are a lot of different styles of trap for various situations. Some traps use sound to attract the sparrows and others use seed bait. Places like big box stores often have sparrow problems since they leave the doors wide open and have food inside that attracts the sparrows into the store.

It takes time to find the correct live trap to use for sparrows.



Warehouse Bird Control Screen Doors

Large vented warehouse screen doors that slide open and closed, prevent birds coming into the warehouse through the open door. The screens are a coated rubberized material with lots of holes allowing air to flow in and out and enabling people to see through. The doors slide on rollers that are inside of a metal track for long term use.

Warehouse screen doors are custom made to fit your warehouse doors.



Bird Control Visual Deterrents

Visual bird deterrents come in all sorts of designs and styles. There are reflector streamer tapes, scare eye balloons (shown), bird reflector diverters, holographic owls, and other such things. We have yet to see most of these deterrents work on their own, but used alongside other more proven deterrent methods these devices can help.

We use flash flags, reflectors, or holographic tape with scare spiders for Gila Woodpeckers.



Bird Control Audio Deterrents

Sound systems usually utilize distress calls or predator calls to scare off unwanted birds. Sound systems are very loud and are best when not used in public places. Placing a bird control audio deterrent system on top of a 5 story building or near the over flow pit or retention area of a mining site can sometimes be helpful.

Plug-in units and solar powered units are available.



Bird Control Gels

Bird gels have been around for more than 50 years in all different formulations and when it comes down to it, they do not work. Bird gels create a sticky mess and when the larger birds walk through it they just move the gel around creating an even bigger mess. However, when small birds step in the gel, they are likely to get stuck and die covered in a sticky mess. Gels also get covered in dust and dirt after a short time and the Arizona heat breaks down the gel causing it to run all over. All of this gel can then collect more dirt as well as bird poop, feathers, and nesting materials which now can’t even blow away.

Bird gels are a short term solution that will work 30 days, if you’re lucky.


Bat Exclusion Cones

Bats like small tight places and they can be difficult to remove. When doing bat exclusion work we never want to just close off the area and let the bats die. Bat cones at placed at points along the gaps we are sealing so that when night come the bats will find their way out through the bat cone, but because its at an angle and is tapered, the bats can not climb back up into the cone. Hopefully they relocate to another building if we covered all the access points. After a time, when the bats are gone, the cones can be removed and sealed.

Excludes Bats and some smaller birds


Plastic Owls or Plastic Falcons

Plastic owls and plastic hawks look tacky and do not work. They might scare birds off for a day or two but they do not work long term. They do not work, they do not work, they do not work, they do not work, they do not work. How many times must we say it? THEY DO NOT WORK!


But if you did, check out our Plastic Owl Buy Back Program!

Effective Use of Pigeon and Bird Control Products

Many times, a bird control or pigeon deterrent product that works very well is either used in the wrong way, placed incorrectly, or used against the wrong type of bird and it fails to stop the pest bird. Product failure due to incorrect usage can actually create a nice little nesting area, creating more problems than when you started.

The professional pigeon removal and bird control crew here at Southwest Avian Solutions is the key to solving your bird and pigeon control problems quickly and effectively. We save you time, frustration of dealing with your problem birds, and money by completing the job correctly the first time.

Trying to control pigeons and other birds on a roof top or a building’s exterior areas often requires quite a considerable amount of effort. We find that the most effective and long lasting methods of control involve structural modifications. The modifications will either physically exclude the birds or pigeons from their preferred roosting or nesting sites or make it difficult for the birds to rest comfortably on the exposed building surfaces.

We have put together a list above detailing information on many of the available bird and pigeon deterrent products that are available to us to help stop birds and pigeons from making a mess on your home or business.

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