Plastic Owl Buyback program

Got a Plastic Owl ?

Were you starting to have a pigeon control problem around your home or business and had no idea what to do?

Did you go out to the local hardware store like Home Depot, Lowes or Ace Hardware and checked out what is available for bird control solutions only to discover they carry plastic owls and that’s about it?

res3-owlSo thinking hawks and owls are predators of pigeons seems like a good idea so you snatched one up thinking all your pigeon control problems will be solved.

Did you take the time to get up on the roof top and place the plastic owl up on the parapet roof or under the eaves and see all of the pigeons in the area fly away, only to discover over the next few days what a waste of time and money the plastic owl is because now the pigeons are standing on the plastic owls head or insult to injury they are nesting right next to it.

We are here to help you out and recoup some of that wasted plastic owl money. Contact Southwest Avian Solutions today at 602-942-6550 for your home or business pest bird inspection, if you have us do your pigeon control or bird control exclusion service we will give you $ 25.00 ** toward your invoice for giving us that plastic owl.

Give us the Plastic Owl, Get $ 25.00 Off Your Service**

** Only 1 Plastic Owl Buy Back Per Invoice Allowed and this offer Can Not Be Combined With Any Other Offer, Discount Or Special.