We Stop Pigeons Nesting Under Solar Panels in Arizona

 Have Pigeons Nesting Under Your Solar Panels?

Pigeons have been using residential roof tops, gutters, roof overhangs and even the protected window trim to build their nests or to roost on for a long time.

Since the arrival of the solar panels in Arizona on roof tops in Phoenix and the rest of Arizona, we have now literally put a huge roof over the pigeon’s best nesting spot Your Roof.

Arizona solar panels give the pigeons protection from our scorching summer heat and shelter from all the other elements and birds of prey.

Roof top solar panels have created the perfect home for them which is why many cities are now requiring solar panel pigeon screening be done when installing the solar panels to prevent huge population buildups of pigeons.

The pigeon feces and nesting materials builds up under the solar panels eating away at your tile roof materials or it can create a water backup when it rains forcing water under the tile roof and onto your interior ceiling below.

We always clean out the nests and pigeon waste from under your solar panels

Solar panel cleaning, solar panel pressure washingPigeon nests and other debris is removed and bagged as best we can from under the solar panels using our long pole removal tools and other devices.

Then we use a 2500 psi pressure washer to clean out before the solar panel pigeon proofing, control screening is installed and disinfect is sprayed down.

After the cleaning has been done we then install the pigeon exclusion screening, unlike many companies in Phoenix Arizona who just clean up the pigeon waste around the sides of the panels and then use your garden hose to wash off the areas that can be seen from the ground which many times is why most likely they are so cheap – Quality of service matters to us.

Stop pigeons nesting under your solar panels with our guaranteed & proven system 

Over the years Southwest Avian Solutions has developed a long lasting, guaranteed solar panel pigeon proofing system using a discrete long lasting galvanized wire mesh that has a 100% success rate at stopping pigeons from getting under the solar panel array without having to screw into the solar panel frame work or support structure and without having to put pigeon control netting over the panels and roof top which creates fall hazards for workers on your rooftop and may trap the pigeons.

solar-panel-tie-off-screeningBy installing our 5 Year Bird Free Pigeon Control Solar Panel Proofing System will not affect your warranty, as we do not drill into any part of the solar panel array or the frame work.

Solar panel installing companies have recommended Southwest Avian Solutions to their customers as their preferred pigeon control solar panel screening or solar panel bird proofing specialists after seeing the quality and workmanship of many of the other companies out there that are trying to do solar panel pigeon control.

That is because of our 16 plus years of expertise in pigeon proofing and the use of our non-damaging attachment system for all sorts of residential or commercial solar panel pigeon control or solar panel bird proofing problems.

Call us today, our pigeon control solar panel screening or bird proofing experts are always happy to talk to you about installing pigeon control solar panel screening to your solar panels, for your peace of mind and long term protection.

Your Solar Panel Bird Proofing Screening Service is covered by our Exclusive 5 Year “Bird-Free Guarantee”

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