Mosquito Problem

Are Mosquitoes Stopping You From Enjoying Your Yard ?

We will have more information and details about our up-coming  2017 Guaranteed Mosquito Control Program Soon.

Southwest Avian Solutions will be offering a full line of mosquito control solutions for residential and commercial mosquito control problems in Phoenix Arizona and the Phoenix AZ metro valley area.

Mosquito’s are a tiny flying insect best known for their diet of human blood and the fact that they leave sometimes painful itchy bumps on the people they bite.

But did you know that despite their size mosquitoes are considered one of the deadliest creatures on the planet thanks to their notorious habit of carrying and transmitting disease.

 Mosquitoes are all over the world and there are approximately 3,000 known species.

They first start to emerge during the early spring months when things start to warm up and will continue through to the fall. However, in some areas where it remains warm year-round like in Arizona there can be mosquitoes all the time.

Mosquito’s favorite time and when you are most likely to get bite is during the early dawn and dusk hours, which is when mosquito control methods can be proven most effective. Arizona is home to several types of mosquitos, including daytime and nighttime feeders.

Mosquitos can be found year around in Arizona, but are particularly active from March through October.

In addition to the itchy bite one receives, mosquitos can be a particular public health concern because some types of mosquitos found in Arizona can carry and transmit diseases, such as West Nile Virus, St. Louis Encephalitis and, potentially, Zika Virus. These know viruses can cause major illnesses and health issues in humans.

By removing standing water around your home, treating water features like ponds and fountains with a larvacide and proactively treating for mosquitos around your home and yard can help minimize the threat of these diseases.

Please Stay Tuned For More Details About Our Upcoming Mosquito Control Program.