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Most pigeon control issues or pest bird problems are high up on a roof top and require ladders, safety roof top tie offs, and experience to keep the pigeons or birds away long term which is not usually advisable for the home owner to do on their own.

There are numerous humane and extremely effective controls products, deterrents, and bird repellents on the market today. However, using products like bird spikes, bird exclusion screening, or bird wire the wrong way or for the wrong type of pest bird or bird pressure could lead to bird control failure which creates more problems than when you started.

In Arizona, your best long term solution for controlling your pigeon or pest bird problems would be to contact Arizona’s most professional bird control company which has been around since 1997.

Southwest Avian Solutions is Phoenix, Arizona’s pigeon control and bird control specialists in residential or commercial bird exclusion. Call us today! We can be reached at 602-942-6550 or 480-969-2337 to schedule a free, onsite consultation which allows us to look at your pigeon control problems and explain how we can provide you with our bird free guaranteed solutions using some our many low profile and humane solutions.